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Payment notice

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◎How to identify the authenticity of the delivery notice and execution order document of the branch office?

◎I always work till late and cannot collect my letters, so my building administrator always signs and stamps the letter for me, does this count as a legal delivery?

◎I received the payment notice from your office, and other than the amount of the payment, it also had an executing fee, what is this extra fee about? And how was it calculated?

◎Can the administrative execution charges according to the administrative enforcement act be paid at convenience stores? What do I need to know about paying for the charges?

◎When father died,our eight children would divide the legacy.And we had agreed on each that who had paied legacy tax in his part.I had already paied my part.Why did I still receive the notify which informed me to pay legacy tax?

◎I received a payment notification from Administrative Enforcement Branch, but I do not have time to pay the bill in person. How should I do?

◎What force of law will derive when the obligor doesn’t pay by installments which to caused by not having the ability to pay all at once?

◎I have received the payment notification from the Agency. But, I have no time paying fees in person. What should I do?

◎I fell behind with my payment notification. What should I do?

◎I was arrested on a charge of drunk driving in 2008, my blood alcohol content was 0.65 milligram per liter, and therefore I was transferred to the prosecutor office. Since I had no crime record, the prosecutors gave me a deferred prosecution for 30,000 NT dollars, and I had paid it all. To my surprise, my case was transferred to the Administrative Execution Agency Hsinchu Branch after my payment, and they gave me an enforcement of 45,000 NT. Here is my question, does my case suitable for “Protection against Double Jeopardy”? If not, do I still have to pay the ticket or only the difference between the ticket and the fine of deferred prosecution?

◎What is the consequence if I keep ignoring the payment notification from Administrative Execution Agency Hsinchu Branch?

◎Can overdue receivables paid by credit card?

◎What are the consequences if I neglect the payment notification from Administrative Execution Agency Hsinchu Branch?

◎I had scrapped my car, why did I still receive the payment notification of vehicle license tax?

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