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Honesty – basic requirement for administrative enforcement
The Administrative Enforcement Agency Hsinchu Branch was established to ensure that those under monetary obligation imposed by law pay their dues based on the Administrative Execution Act, the Compulsory Enforcement Act and relevant administrative regulations and laws. While collecting dues benefits the government financially, the Agency’s primary mission is to ensure realization of social justice and fairness pursuant to law based on the principle of equality and diligence. Lacking honesty will turn the Agency into loosing its fairness with those law-abiding tax payers, exhibiting no substantial difference from civil debt collecting agencies. Therefore, honesty is the major concern for the success of administrative enforcement at all levels.

Efficiency – pragmatic approach for enhancing the agency image
The Hsinchu Branch of the Administrative Enforcement Agency, Ministry of Justice is a newly established government agency of the 21st century. The essence of being a new agency with fresh organizational culture lies not so much in being newly established as in being an enterprise-inspired efficiency-seeking organization. The mission is to achieve superior performance in the execution of cases and high return on investments through relentless pursuance of escalating accomplishments with extremely lean and concise human resources, all based on the concept of sustainable operation.

Hospitality – guidelines for service provisioning
Realizing that democracy is a universally valued way of governing, the Administrative Enforcement Agency takes all efforts to align its operation with the trend of thought of people reigning. Besides providing top-quality bilingual services of unusual depth and breadth, the Administrative Enforcement Agency adopts an evaluation system that includes case handler’s hospitality, sincerity, cordiality and friendliness as vital qualities of services to the public. The goal is to transform the general public’s “cold bureaucracy” impression of the Agency into one of empathy and professionalism, and to make obligators comfortable in their mutual interaction with case handlers for smooth resolution of cases.

The Agency’s enforcement actions profoundly concern people’s properties and rights and therefore must be taken scrupulously with utmost service enthusiasm. The Administrative Enforcement Agency Hsinchu Branch is determined to provide top-quality services to the people based on the following principles:

1. Principle of scrupulous case handling:
Cases concerning people shall be handled with equal prudence irrespective of their strength. Proactive and prompt services shall be provided empathetically to obligators for acceptable resolution.

2. Principle of professional case handling:
Case handlers are required to be familiar with relevant systems, rules/regulations as to ensure prompt answers and smooth resolution for the requestors.

3. Principle of dedicated case engagement:
Besides professionalism, case handlers are required to show enthusiastic devotion without evasiveness.

4. Principle of mutual communication:
Sincerity and affability are basic attitude required to handle cases pursuant to rules and regulations. Legitimate petitions shall be resolved with full support while illegal claims shall be declined with acceptable explanation.

5. Principle of empathic case handling:
The case handler shall feel real empathy for petitioners through patient response to their inquiries and statements. To petitioners with a feeling of begin treated with injustice and unfairness, the case handler shall listen with full attention and give euphemistic explanation to those with misunderstanding of the rules and regulations.

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