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White paper on service to the people

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  • Last updated:2019-01-08
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The law service department administration execution bureau serves the implementation up to the respective administrative execution place strengthening for the people to plan for 91 years on June 29 to subscribe proclaimed.

1. Basis: "Executive Yuan comprehensive promotion service quality plan" and "the law service department serves the white paper for the people".
2. goal: Take incorruptible, the efficiency, is kind as the surveying rod, grasps idea of the commercialized management, as reveres take the people, provides the high efficiency service quality, creates the customer high degree of satisfaction, the promotion government image.
3. service principle:
(1) prudent processing principle: Serves the case for the people no matter the size, equal emphasis, prudent processing, take the initiative positive spirit, conceives as far as possible as the litigant, enable its sleepily difficultly to obtain the satisfactory solution.
(2) specialized processing principle: Strictly requests the undertaker ripely to grind the related system, the laws and regulations, is sure to utilize skillfully, can reply immediately the litigant asks the question, the rapid service, enables the litigant Yu Tsuituan in the time to obtain, the satisfactory explanation correctly.
(3) bidirectional communication principle: By is sincere, the kind manner, processes for the people service work. The strict observance law stipulated that, legitimately requests to the litigant, assists to solve as far as possible, not legitimately requests to the litigant, also gives the tactful explanation.
(4) picks the same principle heart principle: Realizes the litigant mood, to inquiry of and the statement the litigant, the even patience detailed Canada explanation, listens to the litigant to relate as far as possible the innermost feelings are uneven, meet have the misunderstanding law, must tactfully explain.
4. service direction:
(1) subscribes decides conveniently for the people service work flow.
(2) subscribes surely is clear about the populace to complain the processing flow.
(3) subscribes decides the rapid populace state one's case the petition processing flow.
5. service content:
(1) rapidly processes the people state one's case, the application case.
(2) provides each convenient servicing facility.
(3) the utilization will labor, assists the populace to go through each formalities.
(4) appoints the suitable personnel to hold the post of the first line service work, sets up the institution good image.
(5) carries out takes a walk the type management and the service, assists the populace to apply for, the guidance service on own initiative.
(6) the impetus law knowledge guidance, enhances the populace to obey the law the spirit.
(7)establishes the populace suggestion box, the opinion examination table, the electron public opinion mailbox, understood the public opinion and the broad natrium from all walks of life state opinion.
6. this implementation plan presents bureau chief after to check implements, when revision also with.
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