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I was arrested on a charge of drunk driving in 2008...

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  • Last updated:2019-07-19
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Q: I was arrested on a charge of drunk driving in 2008, my blood alcohol content was 0.65 milligram per liter, and therefore I was transferred to the prosecutor office. Since I had no crime record, the prosecutors gave me a deferred prosecution for 30,000 NT dollars, and I had paid it all. To my surprise, my case was transferred to the Administrative Execution Agency Hsinchu Branch after my payment, and they gave me an enforcement of 45,000 NT. Here is my question, does my case suitable for “Protection against Double Jeopardy”? If not, do I still have to pay the ticket or only the difference between the ticket and the fine of deferred prosecution? A: According to the Administrative Penalty Act 26, this is known as “One Act Shall Not Be Punish Twice”. Since there is a punishment attach to crime penalty, the fine of your deferred prosecution is able to redeem the ticket from Vehicle Office. Please bring your disciplinary citation, receipt for fines of deferred prosecution and other documents initiatively to the Vehicle Office to revoke or redeem the money of the ticket.
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