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My one-third salary had been deducted due to a decree from the court. After that, I got another decree from you. How can I live with the rest of money which is my one-third salary?

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  • Last updated:2019-07-19
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According to Article 26 of the Administrative Execution Act applying mutatis mutandis to the first and second paragraph of Article 32-2 of Compulsory Enforcement Act, the Administrative Enforcement institutes are not allowed to seizure the property sealed up before by the Civil Execution Department of court but have to hand in the case file to the court for merging processing and inform the transfer agency. If you receive another execution decree from us after getting your salary deduction by the Civil Execution Department of district court, please give us the reference of the execution decree which you have received from the court. Usually, after our verifying and considering there is no specific situation, we will hand over the case to the Civil Execution Department of district court for allocating the one-third deducted salary to the creditors, but not take another one-third of your salary.
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