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How should I file an administrative complaint against the order of fulfillment by an Administrative Enforcement Branch?

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  • Last updated:2019-07-19
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Answer: According to the Administrative Enforcement Law article 9, the obligator or interested party may file an administrative complaint against the dispositions that have been rendered subsequent to the administrative enforcement procedure. The complaint should first be submitted to the Administrative Enforcement Branch which renders the administrative dispositions before the finish of related administrative enforcement procedure. The Administrative Enforcement Branch which made the disposition should make a preliminary examination and decision within 10 days. The former disposition will be corrected or rescinded if the complaint has a standing for reason. The Administrative Enforcement Branch will transfer the complaint and its preliminary decision as well to its superior office if it finds the former disposition is legitimate. And its superior office, the Administrative Enforcement Agency, will make a final decision, either sustain or rescind the former disposition, according to the law.
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